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Pack away the paint brush and roll up the wallpaper-designers are adding a new dimension to the concept of feature walls. Newdecor's 3D Wall art Panels introduce sculpted surfaces to living areas and come with DIY kits, making them as easily accessible as they are stunning.

Distributor Glenn Horton says the innovative product creates a feature wall "with a difference".

"They've been gracing the walls of commercial areas here and overseas, but we reckon they look great in residential settings as well, "he says. "People can easily decorate around it, there are so many applications.

"You can mount a television in the middle of the panels, which looks really good, or you can hang it above a bed."

The visual effect of 3D wall art is the choice of the home decorator. Linear arrangements can create a sense of movement in a room, while floral embellishments can match up as a bigger picture. Continuous patterns, such as the cross-hatched Windmill design, can also be used on an entire wall to add texture and depth to the surface.
With more than 40 sets of panels available and new patterns released annually, there is a design to complement any space.

"What I've done in my daughter's salon is a charcoal-coloured wall and then installed the feature tiles in white and I left about a 20mm gap in between them, "Glenn says. "You can butt the tiles together, however, with that geometric look, it's really nice to see that contrast of the dark between the white."

As a bonus for the eco-conscious, panels are made from recyclable polyurethane, wood pulp and stone particles and are finished with environmentally friendly water-based paint. Surfaces can be repainted.

Weighing between 1-3kgs, installation is a breeze. "It comes with instructions and there are a couple of wall-mounting systems you can go for, "Glenn says. "They're really lightweight and can be easily replaced."

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