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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the Newdecor GRG panels?

Made of super fine Alpha gypsum with less water, alkaline resistant glass fibres and optional addictive, Newdecor G.R.G panels are strong, resilient, non-combustible and Group 1 materials (AS/NZS 3837:1998, Certificate No.NK6345 by CSIRO). Our hand- molded panels and CNC perforated boards are manufactured and distributed world widely according to AU/NZ standard, ASTM or British Standard. Comparing with normal plasterboard, traditional fibre-glass board (Beta gypsum), marbles or ceramic tiles, our innovative products have the seamless surface and superb physical properties.

2. What are the Newdecor 3D wall arts?

Newdecor wall arts are kind of wall furniture used for the wall decoration. It is similar to hanging paintings or hanging sculptures, but it is 3D, colourful and paintable. The raw material is made of Polyurethane resin, stone particles and wood pulp with mixing, compressing, moulding, forming under the high temperature, hand polishing and painting.

3. What is the different between Newdecor 3D Wall Arts and Newdecor GRG Panels?

4. What are the main features for the Newdecor GRG Panels?

• Fire-resistance

• High Flexibility

• High Strength and Durability

• Acoustic and Sound Insulation

• Thermal Performance

• Moisture-resistance (Optional)

• Environmental- friendly

5. Is there any FLAMMABILITY LIMIT on the Newdecor GRG panels?

No. Newdecor GRG panels are none-combustible and group 1 material by testing.

6. What is the leading time for Newdecor GRG panels?

Our warehouse is located in Melbourne. So we can provide a timely service for Australian local customers. Normally, the leading time is 6-8 weeks after the deposit is received, depending on your project and designing complexity. Please check it with our sales staff.

7. Where could I use Newdecor GRG Panels?

We can be used for the interior commercial and residential wall and ceiling for better acoustics and a unique sculptural look. i.e Theatre, hall, exhibition, conference center, subway station, shopping mall, shops, hotels and café etc.

8. What is product size and weight for the Newdecor GRG panels?

The standard size is 600mmX600mm, 500mmX500mm and 600mmX1200mm or by custom designing. Average net weight is 16.5kg/M² (10mm thickness), varied from different models and thickness.

9. What color is available for the Newdecor GRG Panels?

Newdecor GRG panels come with natural gypsum white. The surface needs to be sealed and primed before any painting. It can be finished as plasterboard.

10. Are Newdecor GRG panels water resistant?

Yes if optional silicone addictive added. But you need to avoid the long term immersion in the water and avoid the long term exposure to excessive moisture environment.

11. Can Newdecor GRG panels be used for exterior decoration?


12. How to purchase Newdecor 3D wall arts?

Please contact our head office in Moorabbin, Melbourne by phone (03 90182456) or email (sales@newdecor.com.au ). Our office open time is 9:00am-5:00pm, Monday to Friday, appointment only on Saturday and Sunday.

13. What are the payment options?

We accept cash, bank transfer and company cheques.

14. How to install Newdecor GRG panels?

The installation is under the plasterboard installation requirement of AS/NZS 2589:2007. The details installation manual, MSDS etc can be delivered on request. Please email to sales@newdecor.com.au for copies.

15. Does Newdecor provide installation for customers?

Newdecor will subcontract to an experienced installer. The normal qualified builder can do the installation and finishing. The requirement details can be found in our installation documents on request.

16. How about the Newdecor Wall Arts warranty?

It comes with 1 year warranty (returned to base) since the invoiced date. Please read further information from product instruction manual or our website: www.newdecor.com.au/

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