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Newdecor G.R.G Architectural Wall &Ceiling Panels Material

Made of super fine Alpha gypsum with less water, alkaline resistant glass fibre and optional addictive, Newdecor G.R.G panels are strong, resilient, non-combustible and Group 1 material (AS/NZS 3837:1998, Certificate No.NK6345 by CSIRO). Our hand sculpted panels and CNC perforated boards are manufactured and distributed world widely according to AS/NZ standard, ASTM or British Standard. Comparing with traditional plasterboard, traditional fibre-glass board (Beta gypsum), marbles or ceramic tiles, our innovative products have the seamless surface and superb physical properties.


Our G.R.G panels are non-combustible and conform to Building Code of Australia

Testing result: Group 1 (AS/NZS 3837:1998 and BS 476 Part 4:1970)

High Flexibility

Our G.R.G panels can be molded to any shape, pattern and size by the architect and designer requirements for the wall or ceiling features.

Testing result: Tensile Strength- 14.2 KN (ASTM D1037: 1999)

Flexural Strength- 28.8M/mm² (ASTM C580-98)

Modulus of elasticity, Tangent- 7522.1 MPA (ASTM C580-98)

High Strength and Durability

Our G.R.G panels are rock-like hard and impact-resistant.

Testing result: Dry Density- Approximate 1650kg/M³ ±2%

Compressive Strength- 23.7N/mm² (ASTM C109)

Impact Strength- 45.4KJ/m² (ASTM D6110 : 1997)

Rockwell Hardness 'M' Scale value- M52 ('M' Scale Value)

Acoustic and Sound Insulation

Our G.R.G panels have porous structure and sculptural surface, which can defuse the reverberation for the better acoustic effect. Besides, the perforated ceiling will also achieve the higher acoustic performance.

Testing Result: According to the specific project requirements

Thermal Performance

Our G.R.G panels will not warp or distort with the changing temperature.

Testing result: Low thermal conductivity of 0.0918w/mºk (ASTM C518:1991)

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion at 6.2 x 10-6 inch/inch F (ASTM E831: 1993)

Moisture-resistance (Optional)

With optional silicon based additive, our G.R.G panels will not deteriorate in the damp or humid areas.

Testing result:The water absorption at 20 ± 2 C for 2 hour - 0.3% (max 5%) water movement (BS 1230 Part 1:1985)

Environmental- friendly

No asbestos or inorganic fibres are in use. Our G.R.G panels can be recycled.

Product Dimension

The modular G.R.G panel: 500mm (L) X500mm (W), 600mm (L) X600mm (W), or 1200mm (L) X600mm (W).Thickness is 5mm-10mm. The size can be customised according to designing requirement.

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