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Interior or Exterior Feature Wall &Ceiling


Newdecor PRIVACY SCREEN is made of MDF (medium density fibreboard) or PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) by Computer Number Control machine (CNC).

The MDF panels are mainly used for interior screens, wall divisions, feature wall or feature ceiling for the residential and commercial projects. They can be pre-finished by standard white paint and repainted into any colour as you wish. Besides, we have lots of special coating options for you to choose. i.e gold coated, silver coated, metal coating etc.

The PVC panels can be used for both interior and exterior project as PRIVACY SCREEN, feature wall or feature ceiling etc. it is never needed to be repainted and it is not affected by termites, rot or rust. It comes with raw white or black surface and weather resistant. Of course, PVC can be painted into any colour if request after installation.


The standard MDF screens are 600mm( L) X1200mm(W)X 15mm(T) or 1200mm( L) X2400mm(W)X 18-25mm(T)

The standard PVC screens are 600mm( L) X1200mm(W)X 15mm(T) or 1200mm( L) X2400mm(W)X 18-20mm(T)

Patterns and Customization

We normally have 6 patterns available in Melbourne and you are welcome to bring your own design for customizing (Minimum order required, POA, leading time is around 6-12 weeks)


Both PVC and MDF panels are installed by screws, rail channels, liquid nail or suspended by metal rod etc. It depends on your project and design.


If fixed by screws, it must be predrilled and affixed by timber screws to avoid cracking.

Application temperature for PVC screens is from -10°C to 60°C. Keep away from open flame, excessive heat (can be burned but self extinguished)or excessive cold environment(It will be less flexible and brittle if exposed under -10°C for long time)

2mm expansion seam must be considered for exterior application of PVC screens

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