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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the Newdecor 3D wall arts?

Newdecor wall arts are kind of wall furniture used for the wall decoration. It is similar to hanging paintings or hanging sculptures, but it is 3D, colourful and repaintable. The raw material is made of Polyurethane resin, stone particles and wood pulp with mixing, compressing, moulding, forming under the high temperature, hand polishing and color painting.

2. What are the main features for the Newdecor 3D wall arts?

• Unique sculpture wall arts furniture to designers, renovators and D.I.Yers

• Wide choices of color with a potential custom painting

• Extensive creative freedom to any wall shape

• Microscopic cellular structure for sound absorption and acoustics

• Patented fixing pack for DIY home renovator

• A very affordable cost

3. Where could I use Newdecor 3D wall arts furniture?

Generally speaking, Newdecor wall arts can be applied on a wall for better acoustics and a unique look.

• Lounge room--sofa feature wall and TV feature wall

• Bedroom-- bed feature wall

• Dining room--table and chair feature wall

• Staircase and corridor etc.

• Commercial wall arts for office, hotel, shop, agency, restaurant, café and so on.

• More application can be found from our gallery.

4. What is size and weight for the Newdecor 3D wall arts?

The standard size is 600mmX600mmX 20-60mm, 500mmX500mmX20mm and 600mmX1200mmX20mm. Average net weight is 1.1—3.5 KG each, varied from different models.

5. What color is available for the Newdecor 3D wall arts?

Newdecor wall arts have been pre-painted by water base paints. The color includes white, silver, red, golden and green, etc. Besides, you can customize your color by your own paints easily.

6. Are Newdecor 3D wall arts water resistant?

The surface is painted by water base paint which is water resistant. But you need to avoid the long term immersion in the water and avoid the long term exposure to excessive moisture environment.

7. Can Newdecor 3D wall arts be used for exterior decoration?


8. Is there any FLAMMABILITY LIMIT on the Newdecor 3D Wall Arts?

Polyurethane furniture has been widely used in upholstery for a long time. Although fire retardant has been added into materials, it can be ignited by an open flame or by smoldering ignition. It must be kept away from open flame or excessive heat.Newdecor 3D wall arts have been designed and manufactured as decorative furniture. Please consult the standards or your local authority to determine the suitability of these products to your special application if any.

9. How to find Newdecor wall arts?

Newdecor has own showroom (physical and online or you can find us from a registered Newdecor dealer in the different states. The address and contact can be found from Contact Us and Dealer Locations from this website.

10. How to purchase Newdecor 3D wall arts?

Please contact our head office in Moorabbin, Melbourne by phone 03 90182456 or email sales@newdecor.com.au . We will refer the end users to the nearest registered dealer in your area for convenient local service. Our office time is 9:00am-5:00pm, Monday to Friday, appointment only on Saturday and Sunday.

11. How to install Newdecor 3D wall arts?

It is very easy and takes a D.I.Y.er no more than 10-20 minutes for hanging a wall art averagely (varied from different workmanship or experience). The silicone glue will be the easiest way. You need design the layout and check the wall substrates (plasterboard or concrete).Please see the attached instruction in the products or download it from our website: www.newdecor.com.au/

• Hanging bracket installation of 600X600mm panels. The drilling point is 65mm from the top, left or right edge of wall art. Usually 1 bracket will be good enough to hold it on the wall but 2 fasteners will make it more stable and not easy to drop.

• Four corners mounting installation of 500X500mm panels. To find the 4 drilling points of 500X500mm panels, we always premade a simple template (cut a hard paper or carton paper to 500X500mm, put the 4 screws into the fasteners of the panels and then punch them through the paper, you will get 4 drilling points position) , which will save a lot of time for the measurement and adjustment.

• Six corners mounting installation 600X1200mm panels. It is the same installation as 4 corners installation. A premade template will be the best way. Or, the drilling points will be 65mm from the edge of the panels.

• The panels can be cut easily by saw. If the mounting point has been cut off, please apply some silicone glues, which will be able to hold them on the wall.

12. Does Newdecor provide installation for customers?

Newdecor prefers customers can DIY for these wall arts. However, if you still prefer we install them for you, Newdecor and our registered dealer can either do it by ourselves or subcontract to an experienced installer. A reasonable labor fee will be applied.

13. How to design the layout looking?

Everyone has their own taste and please see our online gallery for some tips from hundreds of application pictures. Alternatively, Newdecor can refer you to our registered interior designer or dealers for a professional advice.

14. How to maintain Newdecor 3D wall arts?

Clean the dust by vacuum machine or wet mop with clear water without any detergent or solvent.

15. How to repaint the color?

The white wall art surface has been pre painted by acrylic paints. They can be simply painted over by any other color. The silver wall art is finished by oil based paint so it should be primed and painted by oil based product.

16. How about the Newdecor Wall Arts warranty?

It comes with 1 year warranty (returned to base) since the invoiced date.

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