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Product and Installation Details

1. 500X500mm products.Four corners mounting installation (windmill-a and windmill-b)

2.600X600mm products. Hanging bracket with 2 optional corners mounting installation(most of the products)

3. 600X1200mm products.Six corners mounting installation (Speiz-e)

4. How to make a drilling template easily

Step 1, cut a carton paper for the product size. Step 2, punch it through and get the drilling points

Step 3, mark the inbound side as followed photos. For the 600X600mm and 600X1200mm installation, please apply the same method.

5. How to cut the products by saw

6. How to affix the wall arts if the mounting points have been cut off Please install the un-cut mounting points as usual and apply the silicone glues in the back edges of products

7. How to repaint the color (our wall art are pre-painted by water base paints)

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