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Newdecor 3D Wall Art Panels Material

Newdecor 3D PU Wall Art Panels are molded of Polyurethane, stone particles, wood pulp and fire-retardant with a cell structure after pre-mixing, compressing, molding ,hand polishing and hand painting furnishing.

Painted surface and paintable

All of the white panels come with acrylic paints and they are easy to be painted over by your preferred paints.

Light weight

Averagely, it is only 1.1kg for 500X500mm panel, 2-3kg for 600X600mm panel and 3.2kg for 600X1200mm panel.


Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) =0.5

Easy to Cut

Panels can be treated by saw with wood-cutting or plastic-cutting blade.

Easy to install

DIY screws, toggles and bracket have been included. Alternately, you can use silicone glue to affix them on the wall.


Polyurethane can be fully recycled.

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